Commodore Barry Club of Brooklyn


The Commodore Barry Club of Brooklyn traveled to Philadelphia by bus on Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday, 29 May 2016 for a day of commemoration and festivities.
Msgr. DiGiralamo celebrated a special mass in commemoration of the Commodore’s contributions. 
The bus arrived at Old St. Mary’s Church in a historic section of Philadelphia at 10 o’clock. Members explored the quaint Colonial neighborhood before attending an 11 AM Mass to honor the patriot who emigrated from Ireland, fought with Washington in the American Revolution and went on to found the American Navy. The Church has a magnificent pipe organ and Donal Nolan augmented the music with beautiful vocal renditions of some traditional Irish airs.
After the service, members paraded to Commodore Barry’s grave in the nearby cemetery. There John Barry Kelly, a member of the Barry family, Russ Wiley of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and President Mary Nolan addressed the gathering.  
At the Commodore Barry Irish Center in Germantown, they enjoyed lunch and dancing.

​Pres. Mary Molan (right) addresses visitors.
Russ Wiley MC
John Barry Kelly
Donal Nolan sings an Irish air