Commodore Barry Club of Brooklyn
Irish Trail


The Commodore Barry Club participated in the Irish Heritage Trail on Saturday, 12 SEP at the Green-Wood Cemetery. 
Kathleen McDonough lead a brief ceremony in the Chapel. John Houlihan sang the Irish and American National Anthems. Dr. Maureen Murphy spoke about the efforts of Asenath Nicholson’s and Horace Greely’s Irish famine relief efforts.  
After refreshments members marched to a number of historic graves or memorials: Irish Korean War Veterans Memorial, Matilda Tone, Horace Greely, Editor of the NY Tribune, Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher, Patrick O’Donohue, the “Irish Rebel,” General Thomas Sweeney, James Renwick, architect, Clarence McKenzie, the “Little Drummer Boy,” Asenath Nicholson, philanthropist, John Roach, shipbuilder and Augustus Saint Gaudens, artist. The event concluded with ceremonies at Battle Hill, memorialized in the Higgins statue of Minerva gesturing towards the Statue of Liberty. Richard Moylan, President of the Cemetery greeted participants. 
The Green-Wood Trolley provided transportation. Kathleen McDonough of the Irish American Parade Committee coordinated events.

Vice President Mary Lennon, Treasurer Maureen Donohue and President Mary Nolan

Former Assemblyman Joe Ferris, Pres. Mary Nolan and Irish Vice Consul General Shane Cahill

John Houlihan, second from right, sings national anthems.
The Irish Korean War Memorial
The grave of Matilda Tone, wife of Wolf Tone
Dr. Maureen Murphy, Pres. Mary Nolan, Green Wood Pres. Richard Moylan and Kathleen McDonough at grave of Gen. Thomas Sweeny, Civil War Hero
Grave of Clarence McKenzie, the Little Drummer Boy of the Civil War

Minerva Statue at the Higgins grave