Commodore Barry Club of Brooklyn
Commodore Barry Park Commemoration

Members and friends of the Commodore Barry Club paraded into Commodore Barry Park on Saturday, March 4, 2017 to celebrate Commodore Barry’s birthday. John Barry was an Irish immigrant to the United States whose courage and proficient sailing experinece gained quick recognition. He fought with George Washington in the American Revolution and became the first commissioned officer of the United States Navy.
To commemorate the occasion, the Club sponsored an essay contest on the theme that Commodore John Barry is a man for all ages and based on the student’s own personal study of this man’s life, what are three characteristics he exemplified that would speak to one’s fellow students. Committee members included Ed Clinton, Chair, Anne Marie Wedlock and John Murray. Kristin Gnoza of Fontbonne Hall Academy won first prize, Gavin Cogan of Westfield High School won Second Prize and Luke Proscia of Xaverian High School won Third Prize.
The papers were read and formed a highlight of events.
Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Martin Maher attended the festivities. The program include musical interludes by Donal Nolan on the tin pipe. Councilman Vincent Gentile attended and presented the winners with citations. Agnes Neulinger offered the invocation. John Houlihan sang the Irish and American national anthems. The prize winners and Vice Pres. Mary Lennon laid a wreath on the Commodore Barry Memorial.

Agnes Neulinger delivers an invocation
Councilman Vincent Gentile speaks
Kristin Gnoza of Fontbonne Hall Academy, Gavin Cogan of Westfield High School and Luke Proscia of Xaverian High School.
Councilman Vincent Gentile presents the winners with citations. 
Ed Clinton, Essay Chair bestows an Irish blessing
Luke Proscia, Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Martin Maher, Mary Nolan and Kristin Gnoza